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Just wanted to let you know Beau is doing great and a wonderful little boy - so full of personality and the most playful cocker I have ever had. I am having him neutered next Tuesday.  The vet wanted to wait because he developed cherry eye in one eye and we wanted to see if it would correct itself, before he neutered him  if not he wanted to correct it at the same time as the neutering . Both the vet and I were able to massaged the gland back in 3 different times  but it kept popping back out.  Once I have the joint procedure done next week, Iíll send you the paperwork from the vet I didnít want you to think I wasnít getting him neutered.  It has just been the timing Everyone loves Beau, especially his little female friend Riley, a black and white Pomeranian. They played for an hour in the snow today!

Iíve attached pics


Thank you for such a wonderful companion!!!




LouAnn Rossi



Hello Rhonda,


Hope things are going well. The boys are doing great...very spoiled! Since it has been awhile I thought I would send some updated pics.


I saw on your website that you are expecting puppies....that is so exciting! I was wondering what colors you are expecting....my parents are starting to consider looking for a pup, as they love Kylo and Finn so.


Talk to you soon,

















27 July 2006

Hi Rhonda!

Robin thought you might like to see a couple more pictures of one of your boy's. Jaxon has really been a treat. He has a couple of bad habits, he pee's and craps on our concrete patio pretty frequently. And he barks quite a bit when we first come home and let him out of the kennel. But other than that he has really been a joy. He got snipped ( Neutered ) the Thurs. before 7/4/06. The vet told us to keep him calm and from jumping all over the place. Yea right! He truly is a crazy man. Almost every time Robin goes out he gets a new toy to play with. The (3) of them Maddie, Tyler and Jaxon have a pool for the summer. They don't go jumping in but they don't mind getting wet. We has a cook-out with some friend from Japan at the end of June. These are pictures of Jaxon at the party a few days before his big Thurs appointment. All is going we'll with Jaxon. Your welcome to stop by any time your down this way. Stay in touch!

Dave, Robin, Tim, Maddie, Tyler, and of course Jaxon!

25 October 2005

Hi Rhonda,

This is Jennie Cook from Bath, NC. I bought a sable/white parti pup from you 2 years ago named "D&R's Smoky Mountain Bandit"  or "Sully" so we call him, and I thought you might want an update. I check your site often, you still have some beautiful cockers, I just love them all! Sully is still the light of my life! He is so sweet, a big cuddle bug, yet still loves to play as though he was a pup. Everyone that meets him loves him, and they love his coloring, as do I. He is so beautiful to me! I can't say enough about this wonderful boy! I noticed that you still have my first email I sent you posted on your website, so I thought I would send you an updated picture as well, if you would like to use it's fine with me. Hope all is well and you have a Merry Christmas!

Jennie... and Sully

25 October 2005

Dear Rhonda,

Just a quick note to let you know how our little guy is doing. He is a delight! He's not quite housebroken but getting the idea. Sometimes Bob or I don't get to the door fast enough. He is eager to please, bright and just great fun and company. We had our first road trip last weekend and was a most welcome guest everywhere we went. He handled the six hour drive like a veteran traveler. We need to get some up dated pictures, but he is gorgeous.

Thanks for such a great puppy!


02 August 2005


I purchased Chauncey from you on the 23rd of July. He is already spoiled rotten and I love him to death. He is very quiet and has been the best thing I could have ever done for my Yorkie puppy. Phoebe is 7 months old and they have a great time together and play constantly. As you can see in the pictures they are both about the same size right now. He loves my granddaughter too, he follows her around and they have even invented their own game of hide and seek. My granddaughter has never giggled so much as what she does now, it is really cute and fun to watch them together.

He definitely filled that void in my heart from losing my Coco. I am so very happy that I found him.

He has been to my vet and they just adore him, said he is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. He also had an excellent bill of health.

I am attaching some photos that I just took last night, he is adjusting well with my entire family. I would like to get better shots of him but he is very busy and doesn't have time to pose for me.

Thank you so much, I will keep in touch and send you more photos as he grows.


26 August 2004

Good Morning Rhonda,

I just want to give you a little update on Miss Rubi. She is doing great. She has developed such a personality. She is very headstrong and wants things all her way. We also think she has no idea of how small she is. She is always after our bigger dog. She has no fear. She is also so smart. Even though she still has a few accidents in the house she knows where the door is to go out. She loves being out in the backyard. We now have to chase her around to get her to come in.

We have taken new pictures and as soon as they are downloaded to the computer we will send you one.

Thanks again for such a wonderful little girl.

Hope all is well with you.

Leslie and Ron

August 2004


I am absolutely amazed at how much our puppy has grown and changed. Each week's photos look so different from the week before. I'm really glad you've given me week to weeks or I would wonder if he was the same puppy! This week, I do see the sabling you are talking about and a mustache I hadn't noticed before. I know human babies change that fast too, but I never cease to be amazed! And the group photo - well how in the world can you part with any of them?! They are all so precious! I don't know if I could send them away.

I know it must be difficult to give these puppies up. I promise to send you photos and stories of the antics that are sure to come. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to our new addition. Some folks get satisfaction from antiques, some from other hobbies, but we've always gotten more joy out of living things - especially our cockers!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for filling our house w/joy and love again! Our anniversary is on the 15th. What a wonderful gift this puppy is - for all of us. You continue to impress me with your generous mails and photos. I'm blessed to know you!

South Carolina

26 June 2004


I was glad to find that you have a webpage. Just dropping a note letting you know how happy our dog from you makes me!! I've clicker trained him to do quite a few tricks and agility maneuvers (we're currently working on the teeter totter, he doesn't like that one much :) I've considered showing him, however he doesn't have the attitude for it (we work on a show stack anyway) I keep him in full coat, and he's learned to enjoy his weekly grooming sessions, usually by snoozing. He's possibly even saved my life (literally, we had an attempted break in at my bedroom window while I was sleeping) With as much joy as he's given me, when my family recently discussed purchasing another puppy, you were the first person I thought of. It's quite a drive for us, however the quality of Toko has made our first trip well worth it.

I also include a couple pictures of Toko so you can see how handsome he has become.


2 June 2004


Lakota is doing wonderful. In fact, you can add us to your satisfied customer page on your website. I cannot believe how socialized she is. She is fearless! She jumps off the couch and will climb about a 6 in. stairs. She may be little, but she wants everyone to know that she is a "big" girl. Lakota is really not afraid of any noises either. She's having fun playing with Cheyenne. Cheyenne made up to her the very next morning. She checked up on Lakota that night while she was sleeping. Now Cheyenne and Lakota are constantly playing. It's nice because Cheyenne makes a good babysitter. Lakota goes nonstop when she's awake. She's a busy girl. Of course, she is spoiled already. She has so many toys. We went out and bought some baby toys yesterday. I put in a busy, musical puppy thing in her crate. I almost snapped a picture of her playing with it, but she saw me and quit. As soon as I'm able to get that on the camera, I'll send it to you. Housetraining is OK. She's only had a few accidents. When she's awake, she'll go about every 20 min. We just love her so much.

Talk to you later,



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