About Us

I am located in a rural area in Northwest Ohio. My dogs are very special to me and I spend a lot of time with them. All of my dogs are groomed on a regular basis by their own personal groomer, who is me. All of my dogs are kept inside and are not kennel dogs.

All my mommies are inside when they have their puppies. Mom and babies are cared for by me personally throughout the entire process of whelping to weaning. My puppies are weaned at about 4-5 weeks of age and put on puppy food. I take a lot of pride in my puppies and am very selective as to where there new homes will be. I want them to have the best possible life I can give them, and that starts with a responsible owner.

All my puppies are socialized with children as you can see on my home page. Those are my grandchildren and they handle the puppies from the time they are born, so they are never afraid of children. I am very happy with the disposition of my dogs and their puppies, as they have a very good temperament and a very good quality.


My dogs are bred with the sole intent of keeping puppies for show, although with every litter, not all can be show prospects, there will be a select few to be placed in new pet homes. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact me. My goal is still to produce the best quality and sound temperament I can in my puppies. I have produced many puppies throughout the years that have become wonderful pets, but also a few that have gone on to become show dogs. After years of selectively breeding some of my dogs, I am focusing on producing that perfect show quality puppy. This takes a lot of time to achieve, but is well worth the wait.

Many people question why my puppies are more expensive than some of the other ones they see advertised. Well, to raise a quality puppy, the parents have to be well cared for, which can be very costly. Eye exams, OFA exams, quality food, shots, vet exams, and the list goes on. I do not condemn anyone for raising “pets”, but to produce healthy quality puppies, dogs must be bred for “quality” and not “quantity".

All of my dogs are kept inside and all new moms and babies are raised in my house, not in a kennel. I am very proud of my new room and how well it is working for my dogs. They have room to play and sleep in an air conditioned and heated area all year round!

Please check out my customer page, as I have received many letters from very satisfied new puppy owners.